Nancy Snoots, MA, LPC

The most important person in the counseling room is you, the client.

What you bring into your counseling session determines where you go with it and what you accomplish. However, studies have shown that the single most therapeutic factor across all types of therapy or counseling is the relationship between the client and the therapist.  I will do my part to be a trustworthy person with whom you feel safe and unconditionally accepted!

Education & Credentials

I graduated summa cum laude from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. Later, I graduated with high distinction from Liberty University with a Master of Arts degree in professional counseling. I interned at Fort Benning (a U.S. Army installation, Home of the Infantry) in Columbus, Georgia. My clients were Army officers and enlisted men and women, their spouses, and their children. They came to therapy as individuals, couples, and families. Along with the usual problems people face, they also suffered from PTSD, addiction (sexual, pornography, video games, substances), and stress on families and marriages due to frequent or long deployments and geographical relocation. During the internship, we were trained in Level One of Gottman Marriage Counseling and in Dan Wiles’ Collaborative Couples Counseling.

More recently, I worked as a therapist at a large counseling agency in Milwaukee with clients of various ages, including elementary school children, teens, and adults of all ages, from the young to the elderly, who came to therapy as individuals, couples, and families before I decided to work in Ozaukee County, closer to my home.

Treatment Approach

My style as a therapist is client-centered, accepting, and non-judgemental. My treatment approach is integrative, eclectic, interpersonal, and relational. I try to include or refer to books, films, music, and other forms of literature, art, and media when it seems to fit with a person’s situation or mode of relating to the world in order to provide an analogy or story that is relevant to our conversation about your life. I believe every human being is of infinite worth and that there is always hope no matter the circumstances. My desire is to create a safe, secure environment in which you can express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement and work through your current issues. If you desire it, we can also use spirituality as a resource. There is so much truth about human beings, relationships, nature, and life available expressed in various traditions and belief systems.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the human services and legal fields for 35 years. As a case manager for the Department of Family and Children Services, I saw how poverty, job loss, and illness can cause depression, anxiety, and other problems. As a court reporter and paralegal, I witnessed people battling through divorces, custody disputes, estate issues and other civil matters as well as the despair and shame people felt when testifying as defendants or witnesses in criminal cases.

On a personal note….

My interests include spending time with family and friends, reading, making jewelry, watching movies, hiking, cycling, listening to music, going to plays and concerts, traveling, and, really, all things artistic. Spirituality is important to me. In my younger years, I was a ballet dancer and teacher and a reading tutor. My family of origin moved around quite a bit due to my father’s career as an executive so I understand relocation grief. Although I am the kind of person who needs solitude sometimes in order to recharge, I absolutely love getting to know people and hearing their stories. I look forward to getting to know you!